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Carrie is such an amazing writer! She helped me evaluate my current website and offered suggestions to make it more user-friendly. She edited posts, pitched blog ideas, and then wrote them with my voice and brand utilizing keywords for SEO. She also edited the two “About Me” sections for readability and stronger branding. She is wonderful to work with, very responsive, and great at adding structure to my random thoughts.

Stephanie Alberse, owner Stephanie Alberse Photography

“Carrie is not only a great writer in her own right but also has an eagle eye that makes her a wonderful consultant to other writers. As an editor for one of my manuscripts (poetry, in this instance), Carrie gave critical analysis to simultaneously make the work flow as one narrative AND allow the individual parts to shine–no easy task, in my experience. She was also able to intuit and balance the whims and goals and desires of the different stakeholders: I the author, the lay reader, and the reader who also writes. In so doing Carrie both helped broaden the audience appeal for my work while elevating the quality of the writing…all the while communicating clearly and patiently, working in a timely manner, and being graciously supportive/encouraging.  11/10 would recommend!”
Reinfred Dziedzorm Addo, writer Reinfred Addo Central


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Sunsets and Sushi in San Diego’s Eclectic Ocean Beach Neighborhood Virtual Tour


Essays & Articles:

“10 Essentials to Pack for a Cross-Country Road Trip,” Smarter Travel November 2020

“The No. 1 Rule of Knife Storage,” Bon Appetit’s Basically November 2020

“I’m Baking E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G on This Pizza Stone,” Bon Appetit’s Basically October 2020

“Meet Ragmuffins, the No-Waste Way to Enjoy Every Bit of Pie Crust,” Allrecipes October 2020

“Plant a Victory Garden; Make Soup” Farmer-ish Fall 2020 issue

“The Magic of Buttermilk,” Allrecipes September 2020

“Access Granted: How Melissa Smith & #TeachLivingPoets is Bringing Love of Poetry to a New Generation,” Write or Die Tribe May 2020 

“How YA Lit is Challenging the Canon,” Write or Die Tribe May 2020

“The Life of a Writer as Told by Lily King in Writers & Lovers,” Write or Die Tribe June 2020

“Intersection of Food Writing & Race,” Write or Die Tribe June 2020

“Sweat Bands & Running Shorts Optional: Notebook & Pen Required,” Teach Living Poets May 2020 

“Write Your Life: 5 Nonfiction Exercises,” Write or Die Tribe August 2020

“Student Choice via the 20 Time Project,” The Current August 2015


Sameer Pandya: Author of Members Only talks Tennis, Brownness, and the Power of an Immersive Writing Routine, July 2020

Dallas Woodburn: Author of The Best Week That Never Happened talks Motherhood, Living a Creative Life, and “How every no gets you one step closer to yes” in Publishing, May 2020

Spec Article for Online Travel Guide Website:

Red Rocks Amphitheatre:

Red Rocks Amphitheatre boasts a mind-blowing outdoor concert experience, but there is more to this phenomenon of sandstone monoliths and natural acoustics. A bucket list concert venue and host to acts from the Colorado Symphony to Halsey, Red Rocks also offers a slate of other unique opportunities. Pre-Season, SnowShape offers a four-day conditioning camp for winter sports designed to hone skills on the slopes with the added bonus of post-ski socials. Summer months bring Saturday Yoga on the Rocks for those seeking balance. The series Film on the Rocks, now in its 20th year, promises cult classics shown at dusk to capture the perfect lighting and ambience for an evening of music and movies. For the outdoor enthusiast, the steps of the amphitheatre pose their own physical challenge, and the curious amateur paleontologist can find nirvana in examining the fragments of bygone era animals fossilized into the 300 foot walls of the amphitheatre. Park admission is free. Events like yoga or concerts are ticketed. Just passing through town? Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a National Historic Landmark and worthy of a spiritual fill-up and Instagram snap.

Sample Social Media Posts for Online Travel Guide Website:

Restaurant Sample-

Momofuku offers family-style dining. Ramen is their specialty. Appetizers of rice cakes are piled with braised brisket and the grilled octopus has a beautiful char to accompany its vibrant orange coulis. It is complemented with scallion kimchi to wake up taste buds. Ramen bowls offer the spectrum of proteins. The chicken is smoky and juicy accompanied by swiss chard and soy egg. The Momofuku bowl hosts tender pork shoulder, crispy belly and cilantro. Momofuku is paradise

Outdoor Activity Sample-

Evolution Expeditions offers an alternative to the casinos in Las Vegas. Their full day kayak tours of the Black Canyon are outstanding. The first stop is to pick up a worry stone. About 30 minutes later, visitors emerge from the natural sauna cave and cast aside the stones they imbued with their everyday worries. The rest of the trip builds upon this experience. Mike, their guide, deftly navigated us down the river with lots of local information and background on the native tribes. The perfect respite from the strip.

Accommodations Sample-

The experience at Mount Cinnamon in Grenada starts with Shauna’s hospitality. A welcome punch is offered as she outlines all amenities. She is a wealth of knowledge about where to dine and must-see sights. The view from the villas are spectacular. The resort is well-stocked with kayaks and a private beach. From the complete care, to the nightly cookies delivered to your door, Mount Cinnamon exceeds expectations.

Book Reviews: