Query Shark and Other Thoughts

I’ve blathered a little about queries for the last couple of weeks, but the subject demands mention of the Query Shark, and then I’ll have self-actualized on the subject and can move on. Query Shark is the superhero identity of the mild-mannered metropolitan literary agent, Janet Reid. She’s well-known and respected in the publishing world, […]

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I have heard tell of the mythical Query Shark, Janet Reid, and was delighted to find links to her infamous blog and website in this post. Again JJ is passing on some pretty important information for authors out there getting ready to query.

I spent a great deal of time reading through the Query Shark’s blog posts- especially the critiqued query letters…so informative. I also signed up for her newsletter which I have come to view as invaluable. You can sign up here.

Once you dip your feet in there, you should head straight to her FAQs page. She has an espoused love of Taylor Branch works. Unfortunately, that is not my WIP. It did lead me to the blog where you can elect to send a query letter that gets posted on the site and critiqued, but you can also pay for a private critique of a query letter and pages. The link to see how this works is here. It helps tremendously if you read the things she directs you to read because I found out “Is your query for non-fiction, or memoir? If so, don’t send. I’ll just email you saying I don’t post those kinds of queries on QS,” and will not waste my time with the public query option.

Ultimately, this site, and all the guidance provided for FREE from Janet Reid is worth your time. If you are an author getting ready to query, don’t waste your time blindly sending out letters. Even if you go buy the Writer’s Market (I did), research all the comp books in your genre (I did), and research your chosen agent’s likes and dislikes to include (I did), it won’t help without a rockstar query letter. You have probably spent a good portion of your time and tears (I did) crafting this manuscript…give yourself the best shot to land an agent who will love your work and help it find a publishing home.

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