Keeping Sane in Quarantine

Listen to the dog. Trust me.

Not your dog at home, but the Twitter dog who dishes humor and wisdom almost daily. This thread seriously keeps me sane some days. It was started on a lark by college student, Matt Nelson.

His first foray into the world of dogs via social media was “We Rate Dogs,” which became wildly popular. “Thoughts” takes it one step further by showcasing the inner thoughts of a canine in a stream-of-consciousness format complete with lack of punctuation and capitalization that gives voice to the very real emotions many humans are feeling. The account is called “Thoughts of Dog” and here is a taste:

Check out some amazing livestream concerts…in your pajamas.

Lots of artists are putting on living room concerts to help people get through this time of isolation. So many in fact, that it is hard to keep up.

That is where BandsinTown comes in. I originally downloaded the app so I could get notifications when artists I love are playing somewhere near. I noticed about a week ago I was getting notifications of livestreams. On their landing page is a list of coming events, but even better is if you download the app and sync to your music. Then you get customized lists based on your musical taste.

Recently, I watched a John Legend concert from his #togetherathome series. BandsinTown notified me it was coming. Here is the Youtube link in case you are a Legend fan. He is divine!

Support a great cause and listen to some new voices (sometimes mixed with old).

The video of “The Weight” with Robbie Robertson and Ringo Starr has been everywhere lately. Rightly so- it is amazing! I checked into the group behind it, Playing for Change, and found a treasure trove of cool stuff for music fans. The crew travels the world recording musicians and showing our common humanity through music. A percentage of proceeds from sales benefits Music and Art Education. Great music, worthy cause, no brainer!

Check out some Broadway.

I am usually in NYC in March for business and always pack in as many shows as I can. I miss that. Enter Andrew Lloyd Webber and his “The Shows Must Go On!” series. Each Friday at 7pm GMT., he is hosting a show on his Youtube channel. I can’t wait for next Friday’s Jesus Christ Superstar with Tim Minchin, Mel C., and Chris Moyles!

Or if seeing a show is not your thing, but you love a good competition, check out Andrew Lloyd Webber in his playoff challenge. Webber played a number and challenged Lin Manuel Miranda to a piano playoff on Twitter.

Can’t forget my book lovers out there!

Audible has opened all their children and YA books up to the public while schools are closed. What a great way to keep young minds engaged and enriched.

Most, if not all, public libraries are currently shuttered, but that has not stopped them from upping the ante with e-books. All you need is a card number and access to your local library website.

As an extra treat many high profile celebs have been taking to the small screen to read to you. The Instagram account #SAVEWITHSTORIES is just gold, especially if you have a little one to tuck in.

This is the brainchild of Amy Adams and Jennifer Garner. Their initiative, Save with Stories, offers an opportunity to not only hear stories, but also give to No Kid Hungry to help nourish the minds and bodies of those in need during this pandemic.

Look to the poets.

Always in times of crisis, I read poetry. Poets seem to be able to verbalize the emotions and needs of the many within a few stanzas. Their language soothes, calls to action, and heals. One of my favorite poets on Twitter is Maggie Smith. Her poem “Good Bones” is just plain good, pun intended.  


She has a series on Twitter, “Keep Moving” that reminds us to find the light and keep going even in dark times. Here is a taste:

“Keep in mind that transformation is uncomfortable. If you want to thrive in a new life, you’re going to have to change, too. It may feel like you’re breathing different air, but trust that you can adapt. Press on. Keep moving.”

I would also recommend Ilya Kaminsky because, my goodness. He is a daily inspiration, but his collection, Deaf Republic, just stays with you…for a long time.

Then there is Cory Booker- senator, former presidential candidate, Rhodes Scholar, boyfriend of Rosario Dawson :)…and wait for it, poet.

Booker poem

Stay safe! #alonetogether

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