Keepin’ it Green in the Green Mountain State- American Flatbread

Quilt hanging in American Flatbread. It is an homage to their local draft beer selection!

Quilt hanging in American Flatbread. It is an homage to their local draft beer selection!

Even eight years after my first visit, American Flatbread is still one of the best restaurants in Burlington! Great beer selection, amazing local ingredients, and fantastic service! Fortunately for us, AF has expanded since we last visited. They acquired the patio area between buildings. We did not have to wait even though it was a Friday night, and I think that is because of all this extra space. We can always count on AF to serve something local and yummy!

The menu is mainly wood-fired flatbreads of many ilks, local beer, and interesting salads. We ordered the Cheese and Herb, and the Pepperoni and Peppers flatbreads. The cheese and herb had whole milk mozzarella, Italian grand padona, garlic oil base, and fresh herbs. Delish! The pepperoni and peppers offered their homemade organic tomato base (so good), topped with nitrate-free pepperoni, green peppers, red onion, fresh herbs, and a blend of cheeses. We gobbled up both for our first dinner out in the Green Mountain State!

We also ordered their salad of the day- on the sign to the righIMG_0408t. I love kale, but this was even better than I imagined and the perfect accompaniment to AF’s rustic flatbreads. As usual, they served local microbrews. This time around it was Zero Gravity Brewing Company and it also did not disappoint. The Bernie Weiss was thirst-quenching, and a cool homage to Bernie Sanders, longtime Vermont politician and recent presidential candidate. AF has their flatbreads available in many grocery stores now, but if in town, a visit to the home location is a must!


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